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Monday, 9 May 2011

Pokerstars - The Big Game

Well, I said I'd be writing up a bit on this and here it is!

Pokerstars - The Big Game is obviously a poker show, and it shares many of its characteristics with other poker shows. But it has a twist, they've added a 'loose cannon' to the format. The loose cannon is a player who has qualified through an online satellite. This loose cannon is an amateur player who has been staked 100,000 to play  against the pros for 150 hands. Any money they are up at the end of the show, they get to keep, if they are down, they get nothing.

Why is this so great? Well it introduces the need for the loose cannon to gamble, especially towards the end of the show, if they are anything short of a decent amount up. It adds to the tension knowing that sooner or later they are going to have to shove, and in the first week, it led to the most spectacular bad beat I've ever seen Phil Hellmuth take. Plus some of the loose cannons are good players!

So here's a link to the whole series, and I suggest you guys take a look, it entertained me for a good few hours.

PokerStars Big Game

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